Thank You Notes (Front)

Please feel free to choose a message from the choices below, write your own or to revise any of the choices below to make it personal and unique. Please copy and paste your selection to the order form and add the name as you wish it to appear on the cards.

  • TYNCW1

    The Family of
    (Your Loved One's Full Name)
    wishes to say…

    Thank You
  • TYNCW2

    The Family of
    (Your Loved One's Full Name)
    wish to say…

    Thank You
  • TYNCW3

    In Loving Memory of
    (Your Loved One's Full Name)
  • TYNCW4

    Thank You for Your Sympathy
  • TYNCW5

    (Your Loved One's Full Name)
    date of birth ~ date of death
  • TYNCW6

    Thank You

How to Write a Memorial Thank You Note After a Funeral

After a funeral it is important to acknowledge those friends and family who were bereaved by your loved one's death. Although it is a difficult task it is necessary to thank those who were there to support you in your time of need. Remember it is not a task that must be completed in one day. Take a small amount of time each day to write a few thank you's. People who should be remembered in those thank you's are those who have been helpful, supportive and kind to you and your family. Nevertheless, it is an important part of life to acknowledge others' kindness in times of grief and hardship.

Keep in mind that you are honoring a special loved one that meant so much to you. Keep your message simple, there is no need to write an essay. Most people understand what it is you are going through. Write from your heart. A simple thank you for their support, thoughts and prayers will do. Perhaps you recall a brief memory of how that person touched the life of the deceased in a way that you are aware, tell that person to make your thank you a little more personal.

Please bear in mind not every person who deserves a thank you note was present at the funeral, therefore you need to make sure you thank each person who made the effort to show their sympathy and support in other ways, for example:

They sent flowers.

They made a donation to a charity in the name of the deceased.

They brought food to your house to share with visiting family and friends.

They sent a spiritual bouquet to you.

They attended the visitation.

They signed the visitor's/guest's register book at the funeral home at time other than at the visitation or funeral because they could not attend either event.

They babysat for your family members so they could attend the services.

The clergy who performed the memorial service, ceremony or mass.

The pallbearers and/or those who spoke or read at the services.

When to send the Memorial Thank You Notes

Although all thank you notes should be sent out in a timely manner, (traditional etiquette dictates a two week time frame) just be sure everyone who deserves a thank you receives one. If you write just a few thank you's each day you will be surprised how quickly they will all be written. Do not bear all of the responsibility of the thank you's either. If you have family members do not be shy about requesting their assistance. They may be able to help label envelopes, place stamps on or drive the notes down to the post office for you. You may be surprised to find how many people will be more than happy to assist you.