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Custom Memorials Designed & Printed in the U.S.A.

"Memorial Prayer Cards, Celebrating 26 Years of exceptional design and service. We specialize in crafting special and unique memorial tributes, beginning each project with a blank page to create personalized and heartfelt designs that reflect the lives and memories of your loved ones. Our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service ensures that we support you during your time of need, offering solace through our artistry and compassion."

Our Story

Welcome to MemorialPrayerCards.com

Thank you for taking a moment to explore the Memorial Prayer Cards website, where cherished memories find their rightful place in the art of remembrance.

In the center of this heartfelt endeavor, you'll find husband and wife team, Keith and Beth Phelan, the guiding souls behind our mission. Our story begins at the intersection of compassion and creativity, a tale of two hearts intertwining to craft a legacy that's truly special.

Our journey began more than 30 years ago when we opened Phelan Design Studio, a dynamic creative hub renowned for its prowess in advertising, design, and printing. Since 1987, our studio has been a vibrant source of inspiration, dedicated to serving a diverse range of clients with unwavering commitment.

In 1996, a profound shift occurred as we embarked on a heartfelt venture. It all started with the creation of photo memorial prayer cards, designed to offer solace to friends and family navigating the depths of grief. These cards held a power far beyond our expectations; they resonated deeply with everyone who received them. It was a beautiful discovery, one that would lead us to infuse memorial prayer cards into the tapestry of our design studio's offerings.

We started our venture in our home town of Salem, Massachusetts, in the heart of Boston's North Shore, where we lovingly crafted memorial prayer cards for local families. But it wasn't long before we felt a calling to expand our mission. In 1998, we founded "Memorial Prayer Cards" as an exclusive entity, solely committed to creating heartfelt memorial products for individuals, families, and funeral homes.

That pivotal year also witnessed the beginning of our digital presence, with the launch of our very first website. Our site opened its doors to a world in need, welcoming orders and stories from every corner of the globe. Since then, we've not only grown significantly but have also diversified our offerings, now including Memorial Bookmarks, Memorial Pet Cards, Memorial Thank You Notes, Funeral Programs, and Church Cards.

At Memorial Prayer Cards, our foundation is built on a profound dedication to exceptional customer service. We recognize that the path you walk is laden with pain and difficulty. Our mission is to create memorial products that transcend the ordinary, becoming a lasting and meaningful tribute to the memory of your cherished loved ones.

At Memorial Prayer Cards, we are committed to making every effort to provide you with the finest, custom memorial tributes available anywhere. We strive to have each product we craft with the same care and perfection we'd expect for our own family. Our commitment to delivering unparalleled customer service is paramount, setting us apart from any other company you'll encounter.

Our story continues as we've recently relocated our home and business from Salem, Massachusetts to our new home in The Villages, Florida, and our Design and Production Studio, in Oxford, Florida. This transition allows us to continue serving you with the same passion and dedication you've come to expect. “We personally stand ready to respond to your inquiries, your stories, and your moments of remembrance. Your questions and comments won't linger; we strive to reply them within an hour but most often within minutes during normal business hours.”

“Thank you for being a part of our journey, where your cherished memories are honored, and love is etched into every card we create.”

Our Promise

"Here at Memorial Prayer Cards, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality custom memorial tributes. We are committed to creating each product with exceptional care and precision, ensuring it's as special and perfect as possible. Our unwavering dedication extends to providing unparalleled customer service, setting a new standard for excellence in every interaction you have with our company."

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